Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm so nocturnal I'm an early bird.

I'm trying to decide what to write..

Check it out, I've got these short stories bouncing around in my head. Sara is almost a constant companion to me now. I see her walking, I can hear her talking and I see the hesitation she feels as she stands facing the giants of this world as a teenager. She stands on the brink of madness and we demand more. We demand she fill her destiny as we see it. I can see her standing in the middle of a street, people standing around her mistrusting her because they just witnessed her throw a car threw a building, and I can see the rocks and small pebbles begin to slide away from her as her anger push's the insignificant away from her. I want to share her story with you all.. I want you to fall in love with this accidental destined hero. for truly.. "The screaming wouldn't stop."

Also.. I'm working on an Idea for a post-apocalyptic novelette., "The jerky isn't so bad once you forget it's human." It's untitled at the moment, but credit is largely due to Travis and some late night pizza. Can you imagine a triple tiered city where the only way out is death? Imagine a city where the people per square foot is 4. Children survive by taking the corpses of the people around them and turning them into jerky. A world where science has been shunned and Magic is is worshiped and trusted.

These Ideas want to come out, and in some surreal sense I can feel them calling out to me wanting to be written. I hope someday you can fall in love with my characters as they have come to be loved by me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Brief Explanation..

So many things have transpired since I started the Blog in 2007, new presidents, new jobs, new Women in mine life. Lots of wonderful things really. Among this cacophony of life though I find myself dwelling on the peaceful things I encounter, of family and friends who bless my life constantly. Currently my Little sister is trying to go to Africa and I really want to help her, the only thing that is preventing her from going is money, and I can't fully express how awful it is to me to know that just something like money is keeping her from accomplishing one of her dreams. I mean seriously, Cash? The world is full of it! We should be able to raise enough for this little girl to head out to Ghana and help out some peeps. Right? Right.

Let me explain the title, Cado is Latin for Fallen. (as best as I could translate it) but back in my day I was trying to figure out what fallen Angel would be. and I think I did a bit of miss translating.. I can't currently find a correct translation of Cadivus.. (but to let you know what I'm thinking that word is pronounced.. it's Cad ee wus) So Fallen Angel. (I may have pluarlized it, hmmm. that could be.)

So why fallen angel you may ask? I'm not sure. No I don't see myself as one of those dark people who stare into the blackness and see themselves reflected. I just think I like the Idea of an Angel come down to earth.. (City of Angels style, less Satan style.) But at any rate.. it makes for a nice collection of Letters don't you think? And yes, it's backwards. but to my brief understanding of Latin it's the correct way to put it. But if you want to correct me. Please feel free. I will read and learn and it will stay horribly wrong to you. but I will love you, and you will love my blog. So happy day. (or night if you are nocturnal)

Okay things in the works. I'm an aspiring author, currently going to school for it. I will be duel majoring in English(emphasis on creative writing) and English Teaching. (gotta have a steady job at first right?) and hopefully start to get some short stories together and see if I can't get them published or sumpthin. I've got a plethora of Ideas for stories and Novels, all of them fiction, but all of them amazing! First off me and that Beautiful girl in my profile picture are going to start working on a web comic together, She will draw and I will write. So Hopefully that will show up with in the next four of five months. Look forward to that I say... LOOK FORWARD! heh..

I'm going to keep this updated as best I can, I think I might like this whole.. web log biz. "blogging about my ideals" I can't wait until I've got a soap box to stand on. Hopefully soon. yeah.. soon.

The Reign Continues!

3:28 in the morning.. Star date. Effing early!

I need to start using this.. so I SHALL!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First Day on the Blog

So.. what's up?

I understand and am fully aware that really nobody can answer my question in a timely fashion such as one would carry on a conversation but doesn't it make you feel good to know I care? I thought so.

Blogging eh? well I'm new to this and I want to start it up maybe give it a try. be calm the best is yet to come